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Mushroom Mule

Print Recipe Mushroom Mule Take a Moscow Mule, and give it a natural twist. Replace the ginger beer with a ginger tea brewed Kombucha, for something new and unique. Servings Drink Ingredients 6 oz Ginger Kombucha2 oz Vodka1 juiced Lime1 sprig Mint (Garnish) Servings Drink Ingredients 6 oz Ginger Kombucha2 oz Vodka1 juiced Lime1 sprig… Read More Mushroom Mule

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Kombucha Sour

Print Recipe Kombucha Sour Playing off of the natural sourness that exists in Kombucha, it makes a great substitute in anything sour. In this case, we’re doing a little Kombucha twist on a classic Whiskey Sour. Choosing a nice thick Kombucha tea will also provide the frothiness like egg white would. Servings Drink Ingredients 2… Read More Kombucha Sour

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All about that ‘Booch

If I asked you “Would you like some month old tea with a mushroom growing in it?” you’d probably decline, because that sounds weird. Well, Kombucha is weird like that, but it’s also one of the fastest growing beverages in the United states today and is a delicious new curiosity to add to your cocktail… Read More All about that ‘Booch

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Mint Julep

is a tradition in the South, especially at the Kentucky Derby, where as many as 80,000 Juleps can be consumed over the two day event. Print Recipe Mint Julep A cool, minty southern classic. First time I ever heard of one was when we had to read The Great Gatsby in school… Servings Drink Ingredients… Read More Mint Julep

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Flaming Cocaine Shot

Disclaimer: Lighting alcohol on fire is dangerous! If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can get badly burned, or burn down your house, or your cat. Print Recipe Flaming Cocaine Shot A strong flaming cranberry flavored drink to make an impression. Servings shot Ingredients 1 part 100+ proof rum1 part Goldschlager1 part Jagermeister Servings… Read More Flaming Cocaine Shot

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Sandy Collins

A very close cousin of the original Tom Collins, in this version, we are going to be using a scotch instead. So expect a lot much smokier flavor than what you would get out of a normal Tom Collins. Print Recipe Sandy Collins Servings Drink Ingredients 2 oz. scotch1 tbsp. simple syrup I like to… Read More Sandy Collins

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Kentucky Mule

Is that a Kentucky refernce in the name? Yep, must be some other drink with a Bourbon substitution. Print Recipe Kentucky Mule A Bourbon variation on the Moscow Mule. Servings Drink Ingredients 2.5 oz Bourbon Maker’s Mark is one of my favorites6 oz Ginger Beer Not the same as Ginger Ale!.5 oz Lime JuiceMint Use… Read More Kentucky Mule