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Kentucky Mule

Is that a Kentucky refernce in the name? Yep, must be some other drink with a Bourbon substitution. Print Recipe Kentucky Mule A Bourbon variation on the Moscow Mule. Servings Drink Ingredients 2.5 oz Bourbon Maker’s Mark is one of my favorites6 oz Ginger Beer Not the same as Ginger Ale!.5 oz Lime JuiceMint Use… Read More Kentucky Mule

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Blueberry Mojito

A fruity twist on one of those go to Summer drinks everyone loves. Mint and lime truly are a perfect match, and mixing the blueberry simple syrup and the mint simple syrup really take this drink to the next level. Print Recipe Blueberry Mojito Servings Drink Ingredients 1/4 oz Blueberry Simple Syrup Check out our… Read More Blueberry Mojito