The Ultimate Moscow Mule Syrup


There’s just something about a Moscow Mule that takes the bite out of the Summer sun, and though you might have had a Mule before, you’ve never had one like the one you can make with our Ultimate Moscow Mule Syrup. We’ve spent long nights in the lab finding the perfect balance of locally sourced, organic ginger, sharp black peppercorns, and lime zest. While it is specifically crafted to make the greatest Moscow Mule you’ve ever tasted, it also goes well in a whole variety of other drinks.

Try our regular syrup for a light, refreshing Mule. Or opt for our dark syrup which uses half brown sugar for a thicker, more molasses like flavor. The Agave syrup is perfect for those looking for a low sugar Mule choice.

Comes in a decorative pouring bottle that will fit great in your bar, break this out at your next cocktail party, and claim your rightful place as Master of the Mule!


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